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upcoming project

In my free, time it makes sense to maintian my web dev skills. Recently, I came up with the idea of building a poll site with custom auth enabled with pretty charts. It's inspired by wanting to figure out people's project progress at school to see whether people are behind. While groupme poll works ok, it doesn't have charts. It also can't have 2 dimensional mapping. For example, if I want to know grade cutoffs, I would need both the grade and letter. Another thing simple poll sites miss is auth. While I don't want to keep track of who voted, ideally people who voted would have a record of votes to avoid duplication and just for convenience. The open source nature of the project helps prove that it's anonymous.


  1. 2 axis voting, automatic sorting of things/choose axis. Nice looking charts
  2. Regex auth like only login google auth feature
  3. allow anyone to create poll conveniently
  4. easy linking / url generation

tech I would like to try out

  1. I have been watching a bit of lately and I would like to try out the t3 stack with next, prisma, next-auth, react-query, and trpc. In pertricular, trpc being to gurantee type safety while providing convenient api creation is very cool to me. In my previous projects, I also never used prisma or react-query which are quite important for keeping the site at a consistent place and prisma just seems very popular orm for the frontend devs. I don't want to consider making sql query with schemas with cochroach like last hackathon
  2. Work on some state management library such as jotai, valtio and see how easy they are to use.

upcoming focus at work

I will go into the networking area at work making calls better. I have really enjoyed networking class at college and it seems like a good fit.